AegisWard helps clients to reduce risks associated with supply chain management and business continuity program so they can stay focus on their business and day to day operation.

Our solutions create visibility across the regulatory landscape, enabling you to build a fully traceable supply chain operation while saving time, resources and gain peace of mind.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

AegisWard is getting to be known as the first choice in supplier audits. And no wonder, we’re really good at that.

Many companies in emerging markets maintain limited governance and compliance standards and can potentially be hubs for many aspects of unethical business activity. Reduce significant risks and ensure confidence in your supply chain to both internal users and end customers with AegisWard solutions.

AegisWard has been named as one of the preferred audit companies for managing supply chain risks and conducting vendor risk verifications by 15% of the current Fortune 500 companies.

At the end of 2019, we have completed over 120,000 supplier audits around the world.

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Business Continuity

In the modern world, the success of companies depends largely on maintaining the continuous operation of their business processes, services, technology and infrastructure. Recent business history has shown that an unplanned disruption of operations of any kind can have a very serious impact on brand value, reputation, revenue and earnings.

AegisWard can help clients with business continuity services that identify threats that transcend geographic borders or affect its capacity to respond to external elements. We identify possible points of failure, in order to develop a vision of risk exposure, a risk reduction strategy and hypothetical scenarios of possible interruptions to prevent the issues in the delivery of third-party suppliers.

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